UNN GSP 201 Preparation Test


UNN GSP 201 Preparation Test

This test is mainly to prepare you for your GSP 201 exam (50 questions, 22 mins).


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The assertion that God which religious man worship is nothing other than the projected image of human nature was made popular under which theories of religion

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There are ____ types of scientific research

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Anthropology is a discipline that studies humans from ____ basic dimensions?

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Geography is derived from two ____ words

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One of these is not among the contributions of Comte and other early practitioners of sociology that made the emergence of other social sciences possible.

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The two earliest disciplines from philosophy are sociology and ________

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There are ____ classical founders of sociology?

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According to Ferraro________ culture can be defined as everything that people have, think and do as members of a

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Radio was invented by _____?

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The form of religion that arose as a result of divine inspiration is known as.

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All the social sciences are traceable to a period in intellectual history that is known as

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All the social sciences are started in

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One of the following is not a characteristic of the scientific method;

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Religion by nature is esoteric, means?

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A logical set of assertions concerning factual reality is known as a?

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One of these is not a classical founder of sociology?

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Which of these scholars is related with social physics?

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The term refers to a variety of approaches used in research to collect data that will be utilized to make inferences and interpretations.

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In_____ the oldest male in the clan assumed leadership position and emphasis was placed on physical and spiritual strength

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The assumption that religion came into existence because, man needs the services, protection, and the generosity of supreme power because man's natural power cannot sustain his needs, goals, and aspirations was made popular by which of the following scholars?

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The leadership style where the leaders observe that members of the group are working well on their own is referred to as _____

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Religion is a sedative substance that is used to make people relax and remain calm in the midst of intense economic exploitation by the rich in a capitalist economy was made popular by which of the following scholars

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____ believe that there are unassailable moral principles that ought never to be violated

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Theorists consider at least three genders:

i. Gender as an organizing principle of all societies

ii. Gender as social nature of the construct

iii. Gender as denoting the politics of inequality

iv. Gender as equal in legal status

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Exclusion of women, youths, and minorities in governance can cause one of the following______

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Radio was inverted in

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Which of the following scholars defined sociology as the systematic study of the groups and societies in which people live, how social structures and cultures are created and maintained?

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________is a state of mind at rest on an issue
a. Research
b. Science
c. Knowledge
d. mind-se

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One of the ways to respond to unfamiliar culture is?

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The NTA Journalist Zakariya Isa was murdered by Boko Haram on

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Politics according to ____ is the authoritative allocation of values

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Emile Durkheim in ____ was the chief proponent of the sociological approach to the study or understanding of religion.

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Which of these are two major theories that are birthed by two ethical conditions

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In traditional African society, there is the belief that there are two worlds of existence, namely_______

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The views of the Stoic philosophers were not adhered to because of the influence of the __________

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Anthropology is the study of humans from a fundamental perspective, which includes all of the following, with the exception of?

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Perhaps the best description or way of depicting the issue of the dialectical corundum religions is the myth of Janus. This philosophy has been recognized by a scholar who goes by the name of?

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All are identified channels of gender empowerment except?

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__________ defined religion as opium of the masses

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Deontology is derived from the ____ word

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_____ studies how governmental policies are implemented by the bureaucracy?

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______and _______ opined that the subject of anthropology is man?

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Theories of leadership include all but one of the following

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The procedure in which researchers combine two or more approaches in their work, each of which is used to check/supplement the information gained from the others is known as?

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The social science is sometimes referred to as the _________science.

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Which of the following religion does not have historical antecedents.

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A form of governance whereby popular decisions are transformed into law through hierarchical directions is known as__________

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According to Giddens [2009], a diversity of theoretical approaches is found in________

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_______ plays a significant role in overcoming women’s subordination, subjugation, deprivation, oppression, and other forms of societal inhumanity to females?

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Which school of thinking best explains cultural differences and similarities in terms of the extent to which cultures interacted?

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