Uganda Management Institute (UMI) Short Courses

The Uganda Management Institute (UMI) accredited list of short courses has been published here. Applicants can apply to any of the various Uganda Management Institute (UMI) courses/programs that have been approved by management. This website will provide you with all of the necessary information.

Uganda Management Institute Postgraduate Courses

All interested aspirants or candidates who wish to apply for admission at the university can now check the list of courses offered by the Uganda Management Institute, which can be found below. The general public and all those interested in studying at Uganda Management Institute (UMI), are hereby notified that the list of short courses offered at the university has been listed in this article and is available below. If you’ve been seeking Uganda Management Institute (UMI)’s list of courses. You’ve finally found it, especially if you’ve been looking for it for a long time. Today, one of our articles, which you are reading right now, has the official list of all the courses offered by the Uganda Management Institute (UMI).

The Uganda Management Institute (UMI) Short Courses

  1. Effective Communication and Presentation Skills
  2. Driving Marketing Innovations and Branding
  3. Delivering Great Customer Experience (Customer Care)
  4. Managing Marketing Performance (Marketing Metrics)
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Managing Public Relations and Public Speaking
  7. Project Planning and Management
  8. Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  9. Project Proposal Writing and Resource Mobilisation
  10. Strategic Planning and Management
  11. Management Skills Improvement
  12. Consultancy Skills Development
  13. Managing Cooperatives and SACCOs
  14. Strategic Human Resource Management
  15. Performance Management in Organisations
  16. Training of Trainers
  17. Effective Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching Skills in Contemporary Organisations
  18. Stores management and Material Control
  19. Managing the tendering Process and Contract Management
  20. Procurement and Supply Chain Management

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See procedures on how to apply for Uganda Management Institute application here.

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