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NSFAS provides financial assistance to South African students enrolled in public universities. This post cover all information about the University of Free State (UFS) NSFAS appeal Application 2021.

UFS NSFAS Appeal 2021

Additional Financial Concession For UFS Students

The University of the Free State (UFS) has provided a variety of concessions to help students in registering, particularly those with outstanding debt, since the start of the 2021 academic year.

These concessions include the following:

  • Students with outstanding debt who have been authorized for support through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for the year 2021 are eligible to register without making a first payment.
  • Non-NSFAS students who owe up to R 20 000 in debt can register provisionally by paying R2 050 (non-residence) or R7 290 (residence) (residential).
  • Provisional registration is open to any non-NSFAS confirmed final-year students with an outstanding debt of up to R25 000.

In addition, the following concessions were granted to 2020 NSFAS bursary students who have not yet gotten approval from NSFAS for 2021 or who may not have met NSFAS requirements.
These students should register using the following information:

  • If a student does not have any outstanding debt as of 2020, he or she may enroll provisionally without paying any fees, provided they complete the academic prerequisites for registration.
  • If a student owes money in 2020, he or she can enroll using the provisional registration option.
  • The university will not be able to pay any allowances or private housing charges until the university receives confirmation of NSFAS approval and funds have been sent from NSFAS.
  • If NSFAS does not make an allocation, the student will have to support his or her own education or deregister, leaving no debt.

UFS NSFAS Appeal Application Process 2021

Please be aware that the appeals process for the NSFAS is now open.

Senior Returning/Continuing Students

The following procedure is only for NSFAS returning/continuing students, and it does not apply to first-time or new NSFAS candidates in 2022.

For your appeal to be considered, you must provide the following documents from your “ufs4life” email address:

  • Completed and signed appeal form attached herewith.
  • Make sure the appropriate box for the reason for your appeal is checked.
  • Signed motivation
  • Supporting documents (e.g., medical certifications, death certificates, etc.) Your appeal will be denied if you do not provide paperwork to back up your rationale and motivation for filing it.

Please note that if you have exceeded the N+ term, NSFAS has stated that you will not be able to appeal. Only one of the grounds listed on the appeal form can be used to file an appeal. Please send the above-mentioned needed documents to the following campus-specific e-mail address as a single bundled attachment in legible PDF format:

Bloemfontein Campus – NSFASAppealsBfn@ufs.ac.za
Qwaqwa Campus – NSFASAppealsQQ@ufs.ac.za
South Campus – NSFASAppealsSouth@ufs.ac.za

UFS NSFAS Appeal application 2022 Closing Date

The deadline for filing appeals is April 30, 2021, at 16h00, and no appeals will be considered beyond that date.

For more information, visit the university’s official website.

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