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The purpose of this page is to answer the frequent questions asked by the University of Cape Town’s new students and prospective students. Go through all questions.

Questions Before Application

How do I increase my chances of being accepted at UCT?

You will have a strong chance of getting into UCT if you work hard and obtain good grades in Grades 11 and 12, as well as do well in the National Benchmarking Tests (NBTs). However, because different faculties and programmes have varied entry standards, we recommend that you make two options in your application to enhance your chances of admission.

Do I need to take the NBTs to apply to UCT?

Except for admission to the programmes in the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment, writing the NBTs is mandatory for all undergraduate applicants normally resident or at school in South Africa.

Can I apply to UCT while completing Grade 11?

While we appreciate your enthusiasm, we can only accept applications the year before you plan to enroll. So, unfortunately, you will not be allowed to apply if you are still in Grade 11.

Where would I find the criteria for undergraduate admission to UCT?

The university provides a comprehensive list of admission criteria in their Undergraduate Prospectus.

Where can I find information about the undergraduate degree programmes offered at UCT?

The best overview of everything on offer at UCT is in the Undergraduate Prospectus.

Questions Regarding Application

Can I still apply for 2022?

No applications for 2022 are closed but we encourage you to apply for 2023.

How do I apply for 2023?

The UCT Online Applications site will open on 1 May 2022 for 2023.

We prefer that you apply online to make the process as efficient as possible. And here is the article that will take you through the online process.

Keep in mind that the UCT Online Applications portal for 2023 will only be available from May 1, 2022. We may also help you with a paper-based application if you like. Click here to download the application form.

Where can I obtain an application form?

You can print and complete the application form on the application form page.

How many programmes can I apply for?

You can apply to up to two programmes. In fact, we recommend that you choose two choices because it boosts your chances of being accepted to UCT. These choices could come from the same or separate faculties.

Once I have completed my application, can I still make changes to my programme selection?

You may change your programme selection, free of charge, but only until 30 September of the year you submit your application.

How do I know if my application is complete?

Only after all relevant fields have been completed can an application for admission be submitted online. Most applicants, however, will be required to submit further information after submitting an initial application. After submitting an initial application, a grade 12 applicant, for example, will need to collect and submit documentation of additional examination results.

Do I need to send my final school-leaving results to UCT?

No, if you wrote your matric in South Africa National Senior Certificate (NSC), UCT will obtain your results directly from your examination authority. However, if you have an international qualification, it is advisable to submit a final, certified copy of your results to admissions-ug@uct.ac.za. Note that we may require your assistance to verify your results, in which case we will contact you.

How do I track my application?

You may see your application status at any time in the Student Self-Service system.

How do I know my application was successful?

Should your application be successful, you will be informed by email and SMS. You should also monitor the UCT self-service site, where your status will be updated immediately.

Admission Related Questions

How long before I get a response to my application?

Your chances of being offered a place of admission depend on several factors, such as the strength of your application in relation to other applicants, and the capacity of the programme to which you applied. You may be made a conditional offer of admission on the strength of interim examination results. Final decisions may only be reached when you have submitted your final school-leaving (or, for transferring applicants, tertiary) results. In the event that you do not meet either the subject or NBT requirements, your application will not be successful, and we will communicate that decision as soon as possible.

When will I receive a final decision from UCT?

Final choices will be made within days of receiving the results. This may take a few more days for applicants with international qualifications and transferring applicants with academic records to consider. It is also critical that you submit your final results as quickly as possible, particularly in the case of international qualifications and transferring applications.

Do I receive a housing offer with a UCT acceptance letter?

No, your application for admission to UCT and your application for housing are two separate applications. Your application for admission is processed by the Faculty Office and housing applications are processed by the Student Housing Admissions & Advocacy Services Office (SHAAS). Should you be made an offer of admission, SHAAS will process the application for residence but a place of study does not necessarily mean you would be granted housing as well.

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