SUZA OSIM Login – State University of Zanzibar

This page provides information about the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) OSIM Login. Read on.


Sign Ups

Students Admissions Instructions & Signup Instructions

   Step: 1      Read Admission Criteria

Read minimum grades/diploma GPA requirements before applying
   Step: 2      Create Account (Signup Form)

Register and Create an Online account in order to be able to apply.

   Step: 3      Login

Use your Email Address and password created during step 2. then click on the sign-in button to log in and continue with the application.

   Step: 4      Internal Steps After Login

After Login continues with internal steps and procedures to complete and submit your application.

Click Here to To Start your Application

About SUZA


“Our vision is to become a learning center of    excellence for human capital development in     tourism, producing well-qualified graduates with   enquiry mind and entrepreneurial attributes able to cope with the ever-growing demands in the industry”


IoT’s mission is to equip the learners with relevant and adequate competence-based education and training in tourism, hospitality, and ICT industries in order to empower them to support their own livelihood as well as boosting the national economy.


  • Producing qualified graduates that could satisfy industrial demands at individual, community, national and international levels.
  • Observing environmental morals pertaining to ecological and heritage protection.
  • Producing and retaining the quality and qualified staff
  • Managing diversity related to gender and the marginalized.
  • Stimulating drive for self-employment and maintaining unity and harmony at the workplace.


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