Peoplesoft UCT Online Student Self Service

PeopleSoft UCT is the University of Cape Town’s online student self-service administration system, and as a registered UCT student, you can use it to update your contact information, check your timetable, verify your course registration and details, check your fee account, and more.

Peoplesoft Student Self Service


The Oracle PeopleSoft platform for students and is managed by UCT’s Student Systems Support (SSS). There Are basic things that 1st-year students at UCT need to know about PeopleSoft:

  • To access the Student Administration Self Service: Go to
  • Click on ‘Student Administration Self Service’ (PeopleSoft)
  • On the next screen, login with your User ID (your student number in Upper case) and
    your network password.

What is my password?

It was sent to you in your “Application for Admission” letter from UCT’s Admissions

What happens if I can’t log in to PeopleSoft?

  • If you are using a computer in the computer labs, – Log into the password self-service:
  • If you can log in here, you will be able to reset your password and login into PeopleSoft


  • Ask your faculty computer lab administrator to check your account and/or reset
    your password for you.

If you are using other devices or you are off-campus

  • Go to the password self-service webpage at:
  • Click on the “forgot password?” button
  • Username: your student number
  • Insert your mobile number and alternative address, as prompted
  • A one-time password (OTP) token will be sent to you
  • You can now reset your password

What can I do on the PeopleSoft UCT  Self Service page?

  • Once you have successfully logged in, you will arrive at this screen then,
  • Click on Self Service.  What you can do is stated in the features of Peoplesoft Student Self Service below.

Peoplesoft Student Self Service has the following features

There are a number of available features but this guide highlights a few of the ‘Student Center’

  • Tact Information: Addresses, Telephone Numbers, and Emergency Contacts. This information must be up to date to ensure that the post reaches you and that you are
    contactable by University staff.
  • Bank Account Information: No cash payments are made to students. Any financial aid allowances, bursary advances, and other refunds will go to the bank account that you specify.
  • Course Registrations: Make sure that your course registrations are correctly reflected, as late changes will
    incur fee penalties. Changes are not allowed after published deadlines.
  • Fee Account: Check this regularly. Statements are posted out during the year. Note that course
    changes will affect fees.
  • Obtaining end-of-year results: Your end-of-year results will be released in a downloadable verifiable format using self-service at the end of the year. If you want a print version mailed to you, you must
    request this from the Student Records Office (Middle Campus) in advance.

For more information and student help documentation, visit:
PeopleSoft Helpdesk Email:

I hope this article has provided you with the assistance you need on the Peoplesoft Student Self Service; if so, please let us know in the comments section. Remember to subscribe and you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for quick updates.

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