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This page provides information about the Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) OSIM Login. Read on.


This is a newly created type of student portal that will serve as a single sign-in platform for IAA’s Student Information System. The new IAA OSIM (Student Portal) provides a single point of access for University members to the OSIM’s services.

About The Institute of Accountancy Arusha

The Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) is a parastatal educational institution established by the Institute of  Accountancy Arusha Act of 1990.  The overall control and supervision of the Institute are vested in its Governing Council.

The Institute has, over time, developed several certificates, undergraduate, postgraduate and Masters programmes, which it offers full time for one year for the certificate, postgraduate and Masters programmes and three years for undergraduate programmes.

The Institute also offers short-term Courses and Seminars, many of which are customized to meet the needs of students. In addition, as part of its mission, it provides consulting and research services. IAA hopes to build long-term collaborations with industry, government, and non-governmental organizations through these interventions.

The Institute’s goals and functions are as follows:

  • Provide facilities for the study and training of accounting principles, procedures, and techniques, as determined by the Governing Council from time to time.
  • Organize courses that lead to professional certifications in accounting and related areas.
  • Conferences & Seminars on accountancy, finance, business, economics, information technology, and other management sciences are sponsored, organized, and provided with facilities.
  • Conduct research, and offer consultancies to business organizations, government, non-governmental organizations, and arrange for publication and general dissemination of study materials in connection with the work activities of the institute.

How to Login into IAA OSIM (Student Portal)

Students can use their unique User Name and PIN (password) to log into the IAA OSIM (Student Portal).

The IAA User Name and PIN are distributed to students upon registration. Thus, no application is required.

IAA OSIM (Student Information System) for Students

Admissions, timetable schedules, course registration, grades, records, transcripts, and student self-service, among other things, are all managed through the IAA OSIM.

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