Mzumbe University Prospectus PDF Download 2021/2022

The Mzumbe University prospectus 2021/2022 is essentially a way of explaining or outlining the school’s activities. Prospective students at Mzumbe University will learn more about each discipline’s school programs. This brochure offers guidance about how to get started and excel at the university for all prospective students.

mzumbe university prospectus

The Mzumbe University Prospectus 2021/2022 contains a list of courses, course information, campus facilities, accommodation, fees, financial aid or bursaries, entry requirements, and all admission applications information to help you through the Mzumbe University admission process.

These prospectuses include information that can be used to discover appropriate courses and apply for admission to Mzumbe University.

How to Download the Mzumbe University Prospectus 2021/2022

The Mzumbe University 2021/2022 Prospectus has been uploaded to the official website and it is available also in PDF format below.

it is important to note that to download the Mzumbe University 2021/2022 handbook, you will need a device that is capable of viewing the PDF file. Click on the button to download.

However, if you face any trouble downloading the prospectus, don’t hesitate to drop a comment in the comment section below. And we will try as much as we can to provide a solution.

About The University


The Mission of the University is to provide opportunities for acquisition, development, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge and skills through training, research, technical and/or professional services.


Mzumbe University is recognized as a leading institution in Africa for demand driven knowledge generation, application, preservation, and dissemination for socio-economic development by 2025.

Core Values

The building of a cohesive and binding organizational culture is a fundamental prerequisite for the sustainable development of the University.

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