This contains information about the Curtin University Mauritius (CU) fee structure for the next academic year. The sum payable as school fees for the Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for the next academic session has been issued by the institution’s authority.

Curtin University Mauritius Fee Structure

This is to inform all prospective students who have been offered provisional admission or who are likely to be admitted to the Curtin University Mauritius (CU), for the fee Structure for the next academic session that the institution’s management has released the amount they must pay as an acceptance fee.

We are publishing this information today for all individuals who need to know about the current Curtin University Mauritius (CU) school fees.

Please be aware that if you have applied for Curtin University Mauritius (CU) admission, or if you are already a student, you should be aware of the current tuition prices for all students, as this information will assist you in avoiding mistakes that could cost you your admission.

Curtin University Mauritius (CU) Fee Structure

The management of the Curtin University Mauritius (CU) has released the new & returning students’ school fees structure for the next academic year.

Domestic full fee paying

Domestic not for degree tuition fees

How Much Is the Tuition Fee at Curtin University

You will need to pay tuition fees for each unit you undertake at Curtin. The amount you pay will depend on the course you are studying, the units you enroll in, and whether you’re a domestic or international student.

Calculating your fees

You can use our tuition fees calculator to calculate your tuition fees.

Estimating your fees

If you haven’t enrolled in a course or unit but want to know how much it may cost to study at Curtin, you can find your course to estimate your tuition fees or use the published fees documents in the accordions below.

All fees quoted are estimated only. Your total tuition will be confirmed once your enrolment is complete. Course fees on the Courses website are indicative based on a full-time study load of 100 credits (four units) per semester.


Curtin University Fee Structure for International Students

As an international student, the fees you pay will depend on the course you are enrolled in. Your Letter of Offer will include an estimate of the fees for your full course. It will also provide an indicative price for your first semester, which you must pay upfront before you accept your offer and commence your studies.

The amount stated on your offer is indicative only and may vary depending on when you commence your studies and the exact units you undertake.

The cost of your individual units will depend on your enrolment. You can find lists of the estimated international student unit prices below.

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